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Here's the scoop...


October 20, 2000

Talk about scary. A mom of a teenage boy in Tennesse turned her son in to police when she discovered a plot to gun down the guys of *Nsync. It was supposed to take place tomorrow, 10/21 during one of their concerts. The reason he had was because *Nsync "gets all the girls." Hopefully this does not lead to a bunch of people out there to also try and do this. Click the link below for the complete story.

October 16, 2000

*Nsync will be on an episode of the Simpsons. Bart and the gang try to make a boyband the guys stop by to give them advice. The episode is scheduled to air sometime next February.

The news is out! The movie that *Nsync will be in is "Grease 3" and they will start shooting soon as the actors strike is over. It is neither confirmed nor denied that Britney Spears will play either the lead or one of the Pink Ladies. It is also said that there is an all star cast. Let's hope the movie comes out soon!

October 12, 2000

At the MTV European awards *Nsync is up for one award, BEST POP. Let's make sure that they get it. Click the link below to vote.

*NSync will be featured on another Christmas album. Like last year they were on "The Rosie O'Donnell Christmas", this year they will be on "A Platinum Christmas. The song is brand new and co-written by JC. Here is the track listing of all the songs and artists on this album:

1. Britney Spears, "My Only Wish (This Year)"
2. 'NSync, "I Don't Want To Spend One More Christmas Without You"
3. Backstreet Boys, "Christmas Time"
4. Christina Aguilera, "Silent
5. Whitney Houston, "Who Could Imagine a King"
6. TLC, "Sleighride"
7. Toni Braxton, "The Christmas Song"
8. Santana, "Posada (Pilgrimage to Bethlehem)"
9. Monica, "My Grown Up Christmas List"
10. Joe, "This Christmas"
11. R. Kelly, "World Christmas"
12. Pink, "Give Love on Christmas Day"
13. Dave Matthews Band, "Christmas Song"
14. Donell Jones, "My Gift to You"
15. Dido, "Christmas Day"
16. Steps, "Merry Christmas Everybody"

October 9, 2000


In the Entertainment Weekly interviews there was an interesting one about *Nsync. According to Lance they would like "This I Promise You" to reach the country music market. Since they have released the song in English and Spanish already, he felt country should be next. They are supposed to start collaberating this year with a female country singer, but no one is being named yet. "Sailing" with Alabama was a great hit and no doubt that the next will be to. Keep you ears open for this song as a country duet.

October 5, 2000

I just received this update. On the Billboard 100 "This I Promise You" has jumped from 31 to 19 is just one week. The song has also won "Greates Gainer/Airplay" again this week. In a three week run the song has gone from 68 to 31 to 19. Way to go guys!

October 3, 2000

Also everyone has heard of Chris's clothing line called FuMan Skeeto right? No? A little update on what's going on with it. Not only can you buy the clothes and products online but, Nordstrom will be featuring selected products starting November 24. Nordstom will be the only store carrying Chris's clothing line. At least for now, we hope...


September 28, 2000

Justin will be on the cover of November's Cosmo Girl so go pick one(or 2 or 3!) up at your local newstands on October 2.

@ there is a section for all you Justin fans that you may want to check out. I'll provide the link for you.


Is Justin your perfect match?

*Nsync is up for "Best Stage Spectacle" and "Group of the Year" at the VH1 awards that will air LIVE at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. You can still vote but only until October 21 so bounce on over to to ensure the guys victory!

Be on the lookout for two new videos by the guys. The first is called "At Home With *Nsync" that is due out October 10. The second (which has no set release date) is called "*Nsync Live In Concert". So keep your eyes peeled.


I just received the November issue of Twist and let me say, the cover story may be harmful to all Justin fans. It talks about the "love" that he and Miss Britney may have found. For all interested, and heart broken, go get the magazine!


If you know of any other news or tidbits about the guys, please email me so that I may post them. I will also include your name(or user name if preferred) next to the info. Mahalo!